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Referensi Teknik Kimia


DVD Referensi Teknik Kimia

DVD kumpulan e-book, software dan lainnya yang berisi refrensi belajar ilmu teknik kimia.

Dari DVD ini Anda dapat belajar banyak berbagai ilmu teknik kimia seperti unit operasi, kinetika reaksi, termodinamika, mekanika fluida, korosi, peralatan proses, utillitas dan sebagainya.

Daftar Isi :

corrosion\Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Masonry Materials Handbook.zip
corrosion\Corrosion Inhibitors - An Industrial Guide (2nd Edition).zip
corrosion\Galvanic corrosion.zip
corrosion\Handbook of Corrosion Engineering.zip
corrosion\Uhlig's Corrosion Handbook (2nd Edition).zip
equipment\Buried Pipe Design (2nd Edition).zip
equipment\Chemistry - Chemical Process Equipment (Stanley M Walas).pdf
equipment\Facility Piping Systems Handbook (2nd Edition).zip
equipment\Guide To Compact Heat Exchangers.pdf
equipment\Handbook of CHEMICAL PROCESSING Equipment (1st - 2000).pdf
equipment\Insulation Handbook.zip
equipment\Machinery's Handbook (26th Edition).zip
equipment\McGraw Hill - Pump Handbook Third Edition (1789p).pdf
equipment\NALCO Guide to Cooling Water System Failure Analysis.zip
equipment\Piping Handbook (7th Edition).zip
equipment\Process Engineering Equipment Handbook.zip
equipment\Process-Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook (5th Edition).zip
equipment\ProcessEngineering EquipmentHandbook_muyac.pdf
equipment\Pump Handbook (3rd Edtion).zip
equipment\The Nalco Guide to Boiler Failure Analysis.pdf
fluid mechanics\Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded (R. Darby).pdf
fluid mechanics\Fluidization, Solids Handling, and Processing - Industrial Applications.zip
fluid mechanics\Instrumentation for Fluid-Particle Flow.zip
fluid mechanics\Slurry Systems Handbook.zip
fluid mechanics\Supercritical Fluid Cleaning - Fundamentals, Technology, and Applications.zip
general\Basic Principles And Calculation (Himmelblau) 6th Edition.zip
general\Handbook Of Chemical Engineering Calculations 3Rd.pdf
general\Perry 7th ed (install).zip
general\Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook (7th Edition).zip
kinetics and reaction\Charles G Hill, Jr - An Introduction To Chemical Engineering Kinetics & Reactor Design.pdf
kinetics and reaction\Chemical Reactor Design - Harriot (2003).pdf
kinetics and reaction\Chemical Reactor Design, Optimization, and Scaleup.zip
kinetics and reaction\I. J. Dunn, E. Heinzle Biological Reaction Engineering 2ed.rar
kinetics and reaction\Rate Equations of Polymerization Reactions.zip
miscellaneous\CHEMCAD Users Guide.PDF
miscellaneous\Chemistry and Technology of Agrochemical Formulations.zip
miscellaneous\Cosmetics Additives - An Industrial Guide.zip
miscellaneous\Handbook of Residue Analytical Methods for Agrochemicals, Volumes 1-2.zip
miscellaneous\Handbook of Solvents.zip
miscellaneous\Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook (5th Edition).zip
miscellaneous\Holmberg et all - Surfactants.and.Polymers.in.Aqueous.Solution. (Wiley 2002).pdf
miscellaneous\Industrial Solvents Handbook (5th Edition).zip
miscellaneous\Industrial Surfactants (2nd Edition).zip
miscellaneous\Ion Exchange.zip
miscellaneous\Ondeo-Nalco Fuel Field Manual (Revised Edition).zip
miscellaneous\structure performance surfactant.pdf
miscellaneous\Surface Inspection Techniques - Using the Intergration of Innova.zip
miscellaneous\Surfactant Science and Technology 3rd ed - D. Myers (Wiley, 2006) WW.pdf
miscellaneous\Survey of Industrial Chemistry (3rd Edition).zip
miscellaneous\Textile Finishing Chemicals - An Industrial Guide.zip
miscellaneous\Wiley - Design Of Experiments In Chemical Engineering.pdf
physical data\Chemical Engineering - The_Properties_of_Gases_and_Liquids.pdf
physical data\International Critical Tables of Numerical Data, Physics, Chemistry and Technology (1st Electronic Ed.zip
physical data\LiquidSpecificGravity.html
physical data\mollier.zip
physical data\Periodic Table of the Elements.pdf
physical data\Properties of Complex Inorganic Solids.zip
physical data\Psikrometrik.zip
physical data\Refrigerant.zip
physical data\Smithsonian Physical Tables (9th Revised Edition).zip
physical data\steamtab.exe
physical data\Thermodynamic Properties of Cryogenic Fluids.zip
physical data\water.exe
plant design and economic\CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN PROJECT.pdf
plant design and economic\Chemical Process and Design Handbook.zip
plant design and economic\Chemical Process Engineering Design and Economics - H. Silla.pdf
plant design and economic\Guidelines for Design Solutions for Process Equipment Failures.zip
plant design and economic\M.Zlokarnik - Scale-up in chemical engineering.pdf
plant design and economic\Making EHS an Integral Part of Process Design.zip
plant design and economic\Preliminary Chemical Engineering Plant Design By Vart.pdf
plant design and economic\SMITH__R.__2005_._Chemical_Process_Design_and_Integration.rar
safety\Classifying Explosion-Prone Areas for the Petroleum, Chemical and Related Industries.zip
safety\Essential Practices for Managing Chemical Reactivity Hazards.zip
safety\Evaluating Process Safety in the Chemical Industry - A User's Guide to Quantitative Risk Analysis.zip
safety\Handbook of Chemical Industry Labeling.zip
safety\Layer of Protection Analysis - Simplified Process Risk Assessment.zip
safety\Plant Guidelines for Technical Management of Chemical Process Safety (Revised Edition).zip
safety\Risk Assessment and Risk Management.zip
safety\Safety, Reliability and Risk Management - An Integrated Approach.pdf
thermodynamic\DOE Fundamentals Handbook - Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow.pdf
tool\convert mine.exe
utilities\Boiler Operator's Handbook.pdf
material\ceramic\Handbook of Ceramic Grinding and Polishing.zip
material\colloid\Aerosol Handbook (2nd Edition).zip
material\colloid\Emulsifying Agents - An Industrial Guide.zip
material\colloid\Science and Engineering of Droplets - Fundamentals and Applications.zip
material\composite\Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics.zip
material\composite\Handbook of Composites (2nd Edition).zip
material\etc\APA Engineered Wood Handbook.zip
material\etc\Chemistry of Superconductor Materials Preparation, Chemistry, Characterization and Theory.zip
material\etc\Diamond Films and Coatings.zip
material\etc\Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants.zip
material\etc\Industrial Minerals and Their Uses - A Handbook and Formulary.zip
material\etc\Materials Selection Deskbook.zip
material\etc\Metallocene Technology in Commercial Applications.zip
material\etc\Science and Technology of Polymers and Advanced Materials - Emerging Technologies and Business Opport.zip
material\etc\Wood Handbook - Wood as an Engineering Material.zip
material\metal and alloy\Cemented Tungsten Carbides - Production, Properties, and Testing.zip
material\metal and alloy\Chemical Metallurgy.pdf
material\metal and alloy\Chemistry of Precious Metals.zip
material\metal and alloy\Light Alloys Directory and Databook.zip
material\metal and alloy\Tungsten - Properties, Chemistry, Technology of the Element, Alloys, and Chemical Compounds.zip
material\polymer\Chemistry and Technology of Thermosetting Polymers in Construction Applications.zip
material\polymer\Handbook of Plasticizers.zip
material\polymer\Introduction to Rubber Technology.zip
material\polymer\Polymer Characterization - Laboratory Techniques and Analysis.zip
material\polymer\Polymer Modification.zip
material\polymer\Rheology of Filled Polymer Systems.zip
material\polymer\Template Polymerization.zip
unit operations\etc\Unit Operations In Food Processing.zip
unit operations\heat & mass transfer\apv- Dryer Handbook.pdf
unit operations\heat & mass transfer\apv- Evaporator Handbook.pdf
unit operations\heat & mass transfer\apv_evap.pdf
unit operations\heat & mass transfer\Cooling Tower Thermal Design Manual.pdf
unit operations\heat & mass transfer\Cooling Tower.zip
unit operations\heat & mass transfer\Handbook of Evaporation Technology.zip
unit operations\heat & mass transfer\ROTARY DRYER.pdf
unit operations\heat transfer\Heat Transfer Data Book.zip
unit operations\heat transfer\Heat Transfer Handbook-AHTTV123.PDF
unit operations\mass transfer\Chemical-Engineering_Mass-Transfer-Operations_Robert-E-Treybal.pdf
unit operations\separation\Henley - Equilibrium-Stage Separation Operations In Chemical Engineering.pdf
unit operations\transport phenomena\Chemical-Engineering Transport-Phenomena Brodkey.pdf
unit operations\transport phenomena\TOSUN__I.__2002_._Modelling_in_Transport_Phenomena_-_A_Conceptual_Approach.rar
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\Audel 4 edition Audel HVAC Fundamentals Heating Systems Furnaces and Boilers eBook.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\guide_chp_boiler.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\heatpump.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\heattransfer.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\Improving Steam System Performance.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\IndSteamSysHeatTransferSol.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\orificetraps.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\processcontrol.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\steam stripping.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\steamhandbook.pdf
utilities\Steam Sourcebook\tech_brief_true_cost.pdf
utilities\Water treatment\CI971545.pdf
utilities\Water treatment\Handbook Of Water And Wastewater Treatment Technologies.pdf
utilities\Water treatment\water_audit_article_CE_1205.pdf
unit operations\separation\adsorption\ADSORPTION ANALYSIS EQUILIBRIA AND KINETICS - Duong D. Do.djvu
unit operations\separation\adsorption\Adsorption and Diffusion In Zeolites - A Computational Study.pdf
unit operations\separation\adsorption\Adsorption by Powders and Porous Solids Principles, Methodology and Applications - Frangoise Rouquerol.pdf
unit operations\separation\adsorption\Adsorption Engineering - MOTOYUKI SUZUKl.pdf
unit operations\separation\adsorption\Adsorption onto Heterogeneous Porous Materials Equilibria and Kinetics.pdf
unit operations\separation\adsorption\Adsorption, Surface Area and Porosity 2d ED - S.J.Gregg.djvu
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Analytical Gas Chromatography 2d ed - Walter Jennings.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Basic Gas Chromatography - Harold M.McNair.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Capillary Gas Chromatography in Food Control And Research - R wittkowski.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Chiral Chromatography - Thomas E. Beesley.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Chiral Pollutants Distribution, Toxicity and Analysis by Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis - Imran Ali.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Chiral Separation Techniques 2d ed - G. Subramanian.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Chromatographic Analysis of Environmental and Food Toxicants - Takayuki Shibamoto.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Chromatographic Detectors Design, Function, and Operation - Raymond P.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Chromatographic Methods 5th Edition - A. Braithwaite.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Chromatography Handbook Of Hplc - Elena Katz.djvu
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Chromatography Theory - Jach Cases.djvu
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Column Handbook For Size Esclusion Chromatography - Chi-san Wu.djvu
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography - Attila Felinger.djvu
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Encyclopedia of Chromatography - Jack Cazes.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Food Analysis By Hlpc 2d ed - Leo Nollet.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Gas Chromatography Analytical Chemistry by Open Learning 2nd Ed - Ian A. Fowlis.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry A Practical Guide - Fulton G Kitson.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Handbook of Size Exclusion Chromatography - Chi-san Wu.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Illustrated Pocket Dictionary of Chromatography - Paul C. Sadek.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography 2nd Edition - L. R. Snyder.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\LCMS APPLICATIONS IN DRUG DEVELOPMENT - Mike S. Lee.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Liquid Chromatography Column Theory -Raymond P. W. Scott.djvu
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Modern Advances in Chromatography - Freitag R..pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Modern Practice Of Gas Chromatography 4th ed - Robert L.Grob.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Multidimensional Chromatography - Luigi Mondello.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\On-Line LC-NMR and Related Techniques - Klaus Albert.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Practical HPLC Method Development 2nd Edition - Liyod Snyder.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Sample Preparation in Chromatography.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Static Headspace-Gas Chromatography Theory and Practice - Bruno Kolb.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Structure elucidation by NMR in organic chemistry - Eberhard Breitmaier.djvu
unit operations\separation\chromatography\The HPLC Solvent Guide 2nd Edition - Paul C. Sadek.pdf
unit operations\separation\chromatography\Troubleshooting Lc Systems A Comprehensive Approach To Troubleshooting Lc Equipment and Separations - John W. Dolan.pdf
unit operations\separation\crystallization\Crystallization 4th Ed - J. W. Mullin.pdf
unit operations\separation\crystallization\Crystallization Process Systems - A.G. Jones.pdf
unit operations\separation\distillation\Distillation Handbook.pdf
unit operations\separation\distillation\Fundamentals of multicomponent distillation - C.D.Holland.pdf
unit operations\separation\distillation\Industrial Fermentations - Paul W. Allen.pdf
unit operations\separation\distillation\Reactive distillation - kai Sundmacher.pdf
unit operations\separation\etc\Encyclopedia of Separation Science - Michael Cooke.pdf
unit operations\separation\etc\Modern Derivatization Methods for Separation Sciences - Toshimasa Toyo'oka.pdf
unit operations\separation\etc\Separation and Purification Techniques in Biotechnology.zip
unit operations\separation\extraction\Soil Vapor Extraction Technology.zip
unit operations\separation\membrane\1229223- Lit- Membrane Filtration Handbook.pdf
unit operations\separation\membrane\Filmtec Membrane Product Information.pdf
unit operations\separation\membrane\Handbook of Industrial Membrane Technology.zip
unit operations\separation\membrane\Membrane Separation Systems - Recent Developments and Future Directions.zip
unit operations\separation\membrane\Reverse_Osmosis_Part_1.pdf

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