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Referensi Catur


DVD Referensi Catur

DVD kumpulan e-book yang berisi informasi ilmu dan taktik permain catur dari pemain dan penulis catur dunia.

Daftar Isi :

Attack\Ajedrez-Chess Ebook - John Nunn - The Classical Kings Indian (Corrected).pdf
Attack\Chess - Attack With 1d4.pdf
Attack\Chess - Dunnington, Angus - The Ultimate King'S Indian Attack.pdf
Attack\CHESS BOOK - The Ultimate King's Indian Attack.pdf
Attack\Chess ebook by CSWU - Levy & Keene - An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player.pdf
Attack\Larry Christiansen - Rocking the Ramparts - A Guide to Attacking Chess.pdf
Attack\Reinfeld, Fred - Attack And Counter Attack In Chess.pdf
Attack\Williams S - Improve Your Attacking Chess (160B) 2004.pdf
Attack\[Chess] The ultimate King's Indian attack - A. Dunnington.pdf
Attack\[ebook.chess.ajedrez] - Attacking with 1 e4 (J. Emms) (Everymann Chess) by polyto.pdf
Attack\[eBook][Chess][Ward, Chris] Winning with the Sicilian Dragon 2.pdf
Beginners\Abrahams, Gerald - Teach Yourself Chess.pdf
Beginners\Chernev I. et al. - The Ultimate Chess Beginners Manual (Chess Review 1933-1949).pdf
Beginners\e-book - Xiangqi - Chinese Chess for Beginners - Sam Sloan.PDF
Beginners\Edwards J. - Teach Yourself Visually Chess.pdf
Beginners\Gerald Abrahams - Teach Yourself Chess.pdf
Best Games\175 Chess Brilliancies.pdf
Best Games\Alekhine, Alexander - My Best Games Of Chess 1908-1923.pdf
Best Games\Chess Book - Kasparov & Deep Blue - Bruce Pandolfini.pdf
Best Games\Dover, Capablanca's Best Chess Endings (1978) OCR 2.6 LotB.pdf
Best Games\Marshall F - My Fifty Years Of Chess.pdf
Best Games\Reinfeld, Fred - Keres' Best Games of Chess 1931-1948.pdf
Best Games\The most instructive Chess games ever played - 62 Masterpieces of Chess Strategy - Chernev - Dover - 1965.pdf
Best Games\[Chess] Fischer, Robert - My 60 Memorable Games.pdf
Best Games\[eBook][Chess][Chernev, Irving] Capablanca's Best Chess Endings - 60 Complete Games.pdf
Ending\(Chess) Mednis - Practical Rook Endings.pdf
Ending\A J Roycroft - The Chess Endgame Study - A Comprehensive Introduction.pdf
Ending\Averbakh - Chess Endgames - Bishops Vs Knights,Rook Vs Minor Piece.pdf
Ending\Averbakh Yuri-Chess Endings Essential Knowledge-EVERYMAN.pdf
Ending\Averbakh, Yuri - Comprehensive chess endings(pawn endings).pdf
Ending\Chernev, Irving - Chessboard Magic! - 160 Brilliant Chess Endings.pdf
Ending\Chess - Flear, Glenn - Mastering The Endgame.pdf
Ending\Chess - Starting Out - Minor piece endgames - Emms John - Everyman 2004-By phun.pdf
Ending\Chess - Starting Out - Rook Endings - Chris Ward - Everyman 2004-By phun.pdf
Ending\Chess eBook - Fundamental Chess Endings - Muller, Karsten & Lamprecht, Frank.pdf
Ending\Chess eBook - M.I. Shereshevsky - Endgame Strategy.pdf
Ending\Chess eBook - Nunn - Secrets of Rook Endings.pdf
Ending\Chess ebook - Silman, Jeremy - Silman's Complete Endgame Course (2007).pdf
Ending\Chess Ebook By Cswu - John Nunn - Tactical Chess Endings (Final Version).pdf
Ending\Fine, Reuben - Basic Chess Endings -OldNotation -pdf.pdf
Ending\Karolyi & Aplin - Endgame Virtuoso Anatoly Karpov (New In Chess , 2007).pdf
Ending\Muller, Karsten & Lamprecht, Frank - Fundamental chess endings.pdf
Ending\Pachman, Ludek - Chess Endings for the Practical Player.pdf
Ending\Steve Giddins - 101 Chess Endgame Tips (2007).pdf
Ending\True Combat in the Ending.pdf
Ending\Yuri Averbakh & N. Kopaev - Comprehensive Chess Endings 5 - Rook Endings.pdf
Ending\[chess]Shereshevsky - Mastering the Endgame 1.pdf
Ending\[chess]Shereshevsky - Mastering the Endgame 2.pdf
Ending\[ebook][chess] Comprehensive Chess Endings - Volume 5 - Rook Endings (Averbakh, Y. & Kopayev, N. - Pergamon Press, 1st ed, 1988).pdf
Formation\(chess book)The complete kings indian,keene&jacobs.pdf
Formation\(Chess Ebook) - Aagaard, Jacob - Starting Out - The Grunfeld.pdf
Formation\B. Jacobs (Everyman chess) - Starting Out The French (en).pdf
Formation\Chess - Dutch Stonewall - Aagaard Jacob - Everyman 2002-By phun.pdf
Formation\Chess - How To Play The French Defence - Shaun Taulbut - Batsford 1991-By phun.pdf
Formation\Chess - Starting Out - Benoni Systems - A Raetsky M Chetverik - Everyman 2005-By Phun.pdf
Formation\Chess - Starting Out - Closed Sicilian - R Palliser - Everyman 2006-By phun.pdf
Formation\Chess Chess Ebook - Shaun Taulbut - How to Play the French Defence.pdf
Formation\Chess ebook - Joe Gallagher - Winning with the King's Gambit (1993).pdf
Formation\Chess ebook - Jon Speelman - Modern Defence.pdf
Formation\Chess ebook by CSWU - Levy & O'Connell - How to Play the Sicilian Defence.pdf
Formation\chess ebook- mark taimanov winning with the sicilian.pdf
Formation\Chess.GALLAGHER - Starting.Out.-.The.King's.Indian(2002 - Everyman).pdf
Formation\Kopec, Danny - Mastering The Sicilian.pdf
Formation\Lev Alburt & Alex Chernin - Pirc Alert! a Complete Defence Against e4 (Chess Book).pdf
Formation\Richard Palliser - Fighting the Anti-Sicilians (2007).pdf
Formation\Sam Collins - Chess Explained The c3 Sicilian (2007).pdf
Formation\Tal, Mikhail - Tal's Winning Chess Combinations.pdf
Formation\[chess] McDonald and Harley - Mastering the French.pdf
Formation\[chess]Bellin and Ponzetto - Mastering the Kings Indian Defense.pdf
Formation\[ebook][chess] Sicilian Scheveningen (Kasparov, G. & Nikitin, A. - Batsford, 3rd ed, 1991).pdf
Formation\[eBook][Chess][Taimanov, Mark] Winning With the Sicilian.pdf
Middlegame\Averbakh, Yury & Neat, Ken - Chess Middlegames Essential Knowledge.pdf
Middlegame\Chess Ebook - Znosko-Borovsky - The Middle Game In Chess (Cleaned-Up).pdf
Middlegame\Pachman, Ludek - Complete Chess Strategy I - First Principles Of The Middle Game (1978).pdf
Opening\Al Horowitz - New Traps in the Chess Opening.pdf
Opening\alburt l , dzindzichashvili r , perelshteyn e - chess openings for white, explained (new).pdf
Opening\Alburt, Lev Et Al - Chess Openings For Black, Explained; A Complete Repertoire.pdf
Opening\Chess Ebook - Chess Openings For Black, Explained by Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindzichashvili, Eugene Perelshteyn.pdf
Opening\Chess Ebook - Mark Dvoretsky & Arthur Yusupov - Opening Preparation.pdf
Opening\Chess Ebook Yasser Seirawan - Winning Chess Openings.pdf
Opening\Chess.Harding, Tim - Colle, London and Blackmar-Diemer Systems.pdf
Opening\Eugene Znosko-Borovsky - How to Play the Chess Openings (2nd edition).pdf
Opening\Fine - Modern Chess Openings (1939)(340s)(Chessbook).pdf
Opening\How To Play The Chess Openings.pdf
Opening\Lev Alburt, et al - Chess openings for white, Explained (2007).pdf
Opening\Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindzichashvili, Eugene Perelshteyn - Chess openings for white, Explained (2007).pdf
Opening\Nunn, John & Burgess, Graham & Emms, John & Gallagher Joe - Nunn's Chess Openings.pdf
Opening\Reuben Fine - Modern Chess Openings.pdf
Opening\Watson - Mastering chess openings volume 2.pdf
Opening\Znosko-Borovsky, Eugene - How to play the chess openings.pdf
Opening\[Chess] T.U.I. Openings Booklet - The new anti-Najdorf 6.Be3! - G. Jacoby.pdf
Opening\[chess]Bellin and Ponzetto - Mastering the Benoni and Benko Gambit.pdf
Opening\[ebook ingles] Fine, Ruben - The ideas behind the chess openings.pdf
Opening\[eBook][Chess][Khalifman, Alexander] Opening for White According to Anand 2.pdf
Other\(Chess Book)The Complete Pirc-John Nunn.pdf
Other\(chess)James Vigus - The Pirc in Black and White (2007).pdf
Other\(eche62)_libro_manuale_scacchi_49 chess ebook - Emms - Easy Guide to the Ruy Lopez.pdf
Other\A Primer of Chess - Capablanca, J R - 1935.pdf
Other\Adriaan D. de Groot - Thought and Choice in Chess (2nd ed. 1978).pdf
Other\AJEDREZ.CHESS.KASPAROV - Mis geniales predecesores vol 3 (Petrosian y Spassky).pdf
Other\Avni, Amatzia - Danger in Chess (How To Avoid Making Blunders).pdf
Other\Bird, H.E. - Chess History.pdf
Other\Bobby Fischer Outrageous chess move.rar
Other\Can You Be a Positional Chess Genius - Dunnington - Everyman - 2002.pdf
Other\Chernev, Irving - Logical Chess.pdf
Other\Chess - Kasparov - My Great Predecessors Vol 3 (Petrosian Y Spassky).pdf
Other\Chess - My Great Predecessors VI - Garry Kasparov.pdf
Other\Chess - Starting Out - The English - Neil McDonald - Everyman 2003-By phun.pdf
Other\chess and content-oriented psychology of thinking.pdf
Other\chess book - secrets of practical chess - nunn - szachy.pdf
Other\Chess Chess Ebook - Garry Kasparov - My Great Predecessors Vol.4.pdf
Other\Chess ebook - Alexander Kotov - Alekhine's Chess Heritage, Vol.1 (1982, Russian).pdf
Other\Chess eBook - Alexander Kotov - Play Like a Grandmaster.pdf
Other\Chess ebook - Aron Nimzovich - Hypermodern Chess.pdf
Other\Chess eBook - John Nunn - Secrets of Practical Chess.pdf
Other\Chess ebook - John Nunn - Understanding Chess Move by Move.pdf
Other\Chess eBook - Kasparov - My Great Predecessors Vol 1.pdf
Other\Chess eBook - Kotov - Think Like a Grandmaster.pdf
Other\Chess Ebook - Meet The Masters - Max Euwe.pdf
Other\Chess Ebook - Vassily Panov - 300 Selected Games Of Alekhine (1954, Russian).pdf
Other\Chess ebook by CSWU - Neil McDonald - The Benko Gambit Revealed.pdf
Other\Chess Matthew Sadler - Queen's Gambit Declined.pdf
Other\Chess-Viktor Korchnoi - Practical Rook Endings.pdf
Other\Chess.Zeuthen,Steffen-Modern Benoni - Survey of a Structure.pdf
Other\Daniel King - How to Win at Chess - 10 Golden Rules to Follow.pdf
Other\Davies, Nigel - The Power Chess Program.pdf
Other\De Firmian, Nic - Modern Chess Openings (MCO-14).pdf
Other\DeFirmian, Nick-Modern Chess Opening.rar
Other\Emms. John - More Simple Chess.pdf
Other\Encyclopaedia of Chess Combinations.pdf
Other\Garry Kasparov - Fighting Chess - My Games and Career.pdf
Other\Gelb, Michael J. & Keene, Raymond - Samurai Chess (1996).pdf
Other\How To Solve Chess Problems.pdf
Other\Howard Staunton - The Chess Player's Handbook.pdf
Other\Howard Staunton - The Chess Tournament of 1851 (1851).pdf
Other\Irving Chernev - Logical Chess, Move by Move.pdf
Other\Jose.R.Capablanca.A Primer Of Chess.pdf
Other\King - How To Win At Chess, 10 Golden Rules To Follow (Everyman, 1995)(65x2s)(Chessbook).pdf
Other\Lasker, Edward-Chess_Strategy.rar
Other\Lasker,Eduard - Chess For Fun & Chess For Blood (1st Edition, 1942)(217s)(Chessbook).pdf
Other\Lev Alburt - Comprehensive Chess Course - Vol 2.pdf
Other\Lev Alburt - Test and Improve Your Chess - Numerical Evaluation and Other Techniques.pdf
Other\Lev, Alburt-Comprehensive Chess Course-Vol2.rar
Other\Ludek Pachman - Complete Chess Strategy 2 - Principles of Pawn Play and the Center.pdf
Other\Machgielis Euwe, They Play Chess Like This, or, Meet the AVRO Masters (1939) 279 pages.pdf
Other\McDonald,Neil-The Benko Gambit Revealed.rar
Other\Michael J Gelb And Raymond Keene - Samurai Chess (Mastering Strategic Thinking Through The Martial Art Of The Mind).pdf
Other\Mikhail Shereshevsky - The Soviet Chess Conveyor (single pages).pdf
Other\Miles - Chess Games (1860).pdf
Other\Modern Chess Endings - Winkelman, B F - 1933.pdf
Other\Pal Benko & Burt Hochberg - Winning with Chess Psychology 1991.pdf
Other\Polgar chess.pdf
Other\Raymond Keene - The Chess Combination from Philidor to Karpov.pdf
Other\Reinfeld - Chess Mastery By Question and Answer.pdf
Other\Reinfeld, Tarrasch's best games of chess.pdf
Other\Richard Reti - Masters of the Chess Board 1933 original edition.pdf
Other\Richard Reti - Modern Ideas In Chess (English Language, English Notation) by Atomic_Punk.pdf
Other\Seirawan, Yasser - Winning chess brilliancies.pdf
Other\SILMAN - Reassess Your Chess.Workbook (2001 Sile Press v.2).pdf
Other\Silman Jeremy- The Reassess Your Chess Workbook.pdf
Other\Staunton - Chess Praxis_ A Supplement to the Chess Player's Handbook (1860)(651s).pdf
Other\The Amateur's Mind - Turning Chess Misconceptions into Chess Mastery (Jeremy Silman).pdf
Other\The Game of Chess - Siegbert Tarrasch.pdf
Other\Understanding Chess Move by Move - John Nunn.pdf
Other\Winter William.-.Chess.for.Match.Players.pdf
Other\Young & Howell - The Minor Tactics of Chess.pdf
Other\Znosko-Borovsky - How Not to Play Chess (1959 Ed Dover).pdf
Other\[chess] Dvoretsky - Positional Play.pdf
Other\[chess] Kasparov - My great predecessors Part 1 - From Steinitz to Alekhine.pdf
Other\[eBook][Chess][Seirawan, Yasser] Winning Chess Brilliancies.pdf
Other\_How to Reassess Your Chess Jeremy SILMAN.pdf
Tactic\(ebook) Watson - Chess Strategy In Action.pdf
Tactic\- Chess Strategy And Tactics.pdf
Tactic\Aagaard - Excelling at Technical Chess, learn to identify and esploit small advantages (118 pag su 200)(2004)(Chessbook).pdf
Tactic\Alburt, Lev & Palatnik, Sam - Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player (electronic edition).pdf
Tactic\Chess Ebook - Mark Dvoretsky & Artur Yusupov - Attack And Defence.pdf
Tactic\Chess pdf - John Nunn - Beating the Sicilian.pdf
Tactic\David Lemoir-Essential Chess Sacrifices.pdf
Tactic\Everyman Chess - Plaskett - Can you be a Tactical Chess Genius, Chess Puzzle (2002).pdf
Tactic\Horowitz, I. A. - Winning Chess Tactics Illustrated.pdf
Tactic\How to Become a Deadly Chess Tactician.pdf
Tactic\Jacob Aagard - Exceling_Techinical_Chess_Aagaard(2004 incompleto).pdf
Tactic\Modern Chess Strategy - Ludek Pachman.pdf
Tactic\Nesis, Gennady - Tactical Chess Exchanges.pdf
Tactic\SUBA - Dynamic Chess Strategy (ed Pergamon 1991).pdf
Tactic\The Magic of Chess Tactics by Claus Dieter Meyer and Karsten Mueller.pdf
Tactic\Theory Of Chess Sacrifice; R. Spielmann; 2005.pdf
Tactic\[Keene] - The Chess Combination From Philidor To Karpov, Learn Tactics From The Great Champions.pdf
Training\(Chess book) - Train Like a Grandmaster - Alexander Kotov.PDF
Training\Ajedrez - Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess.pdf
Training\Alburt - Chess Training Pocket Book, 300 Most Important Positions And Ideas (2Nd Ed 2000)(265S)(Chessbook).pdf
Training\Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess.pdf
Training\Chess - ebook - Easy Guide to the Ruy Lopez - John Emms.pdf
Training\Chess Fundamentals - J R Capablanca (1921).pdf
Training\Chess Training for Budding Champions - Hall - Gambit - 2001.pdf
Training\Gary Kasparov - Kasparov Teaches Chess (Batsford Edition 1986) by Atomic_Punk.pdf
Training\Michael de la Maza - Rapid Chess Improvement (2002 Everyman).pdf
Training\[Chess] Improve your opening play - C. Ward.pdf

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