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Referensi Filosofi


DVD Referensi Filosofi

DVD referensi ilmu filosofi lengkap.
Semua bidang ilmu memiliki filosofinya, dengan pemikiran filosofi maka kita akan jauh memandang kedepan. Contohnya hasil pemikiran filosofi seorang matematikawan Alan Turing (Inggris- 1950) yang menyimpulkan bahwa saat mesin dapat membuat orang lain berpikir sedang berkomunikasi dengan manusia, maka mesin itu disebut cerdas dan dapat saja memiliki kesadaran. Berdasarkan pemikiran inilah membuat manusia saat ini berlomba- lomba membuat mesin yang lebih cerdas (Artificial Intelligence).

Daftar Isi :

Ancient era\0415089409 - Dr Willi Jordan - Ancient Concepts of Philosophy.pdf
Ancient era\A Companion to Plato (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy).pdf
Ancient era\A Companion to Socrates (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy).pdf
Ancient era\Greek Thinkers A History Of Ancient Philosophy - Theodor Gomperz.pdf
Ancient era\Ierodiakonou, Byzantine Philosophy and Its Ancient Sources (IN) BB.pdf
Ancient era\John Burnet, Greek Philosophy Thales to Plato.pdf
Ancient era\The Blackwell Guide to Ancient Philosophy (Blackwell Philosophy Guides).pdf
Ancient era\The Cambridge Companion To Early Greek Philosophy.pdf
Ancient era\The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Philosophy.pdf
Ancient era\[Ancient Philosophy] - Aristotle - Complete Works.pdf
General Philosophy\A History Of Philosophy - Wilhelm Windelban.pdf
General Philosophy\Blackwell Companion To Philosophy (Blackwell Companions To Philosophy) [2002].pdf
General Philosophy\Ebook Alpha Books - Complete Idiots Guide To Philosophy.pdf
General Philosophy\Ebook_Alpha Books - Complete Idiots Guide to Philosophy.chm
General Philosophy\Encyclopedia of Philosophy.pdf
General Philosophy\OUP - The Oxford Companion to Philosophy.pdf
General Philosophy\Philosophy - The Great Philosophers - From Socrates to Turing.pdf
General Philosophy\Routledge.Encyclopedia.of.Philosophy.pdf
General Philosophy\Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy.pdf
Medieval era\John.Marenbon_Later.Medieval.Philosophy.(1150-1350)_An.Introduction.pdf
Medieval era\Philosophy And Civilization In The Middle Ages - Wulff, Maurice De.pdf
Medieval era\Strauss Leo. Medieval Philosophy.pdf
Medieval era\The Cambridge Companion To Descartes (Cambridge Companions To Philosophy).pdf
Medieval era\The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy.pdf
Medieval era\The Cambridge Companion To Medieval Philosophy (Mcgrade).pdf
Modern era\A Companion to Heidegger (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy).pdf
Modern era\A Companion to Nietzsche (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy).pdf
Modern era\Caird, The critical philosophy of Kant (IN) BB.pdf
Modern era\Friedrich Nietzsche - Philosophy And Truth.pdf
Modern era\JSTOR The Philosophy of Martin Heidegger.pdf
Modern era\Kenny, A. - The Rise of Modern Philosophy.pdf
Modern era\Mulhall S. Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Heidegger and Being and Time (Routledge,1996)(S)(L)(108s).pdf
Modern era\Philosophy - The Cambridge Companion To German Idealism - (Karl Ameriks) Cambridge University Press 2005.pdf
Modern era\Philosophy - The Cambridge Companion to Rousseau.pdf
Modern era\The Cambridge Companion To Early Modern Philosophy.pdf
Modern era\[b] Dudley W. Hegel, Nietzsche, and Philosophy- Thinking Freedom (CUP,2004)(T)(335s).pdf
Modern era\[Philosophy] - Heidegger - Hegel Phenomenology Of Spirit (Indiana University Press 1988).pdf
Others\(Donnie Darko) The Philosophy of Time Travel by Roberta Ann Sparrow.txt
Others\(Ebook - Pdf) Russell, Bertrand - The Problems Of Philosophy.pdf
Others\0631214151 - - A Companion to Analytic Philosophy (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy) [2001].pdf
Others\1405111976 - - A Companion to Kant (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy) [2006].pdf
Others\A Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy).pdf
Others\A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy).pdf
Others\Aldous Huxley - The Perennial Philosophy.pdf
Others\Annie Besant - Thought Power, Its Control And Culturey (Occult, Theosophy, Philosophy, Psychology).pdf
Others\Appiah, Kwame Anthony - Thinking It Through - An Introduction To Contemporary Philosophy.pdf
Others\Avrum Stroll - Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy - Columbia University Press.pdf
Others\Boundas, C. (ed) - Deleuze and Philosophy [Edinburgh University Press 2006].pdf
Others\Cambridge University Press - Hilary Putnam - Contemporary Philosophy In Focus.pdf
Others\Coomaraswamy - Articles On Philosophy And Symbolism.pdf
Others\Copleston - A History of Philosophy - vol.4 Descartes To Leibniz.pdf
Others\Daniel C. Dennett - Darwin's Dangerous Idea - Evolution and the Meaning of Life.pdf
Others\Davidson, Donald - Problems of Rationality (Clarendon)(Ebook-Philosophy-English).pdf
Others\Deleuze - Expressionism In Philosophy, Spinoza.pdf
Others\Derrida - Margins Of Philosophy.pdf
Others\ebook - Magick - The Sacred Magic of Abramelin Intro & Book.pdf
Others\Ethics - Kant, I. - Practical philosophy.pdf
Others\Evans J , Thorndike A Quantum Mechanics At The Crossroads New Perspectives From History, Philosophy And Physics (Fc, Springer, 2007)(Isbn 3540326634)(254S).pdf
Others\Force-The Key to Capturing Life Through Drawing-Mike Mattesi.pdf
Others\Greenwood, The Nature of Magic An Anthropology of Consciousness.pdf
Others\Guthrie, W. K. C. - Aristotle As A Historian Of Philosophy Some Preliminaries 1957.pdf
Others\H P Blavatsky - The Secret Doctrine - The Synthesis Of Science, Religion, And Philosophy.pdf
Others\Henry Cornelius Agrippa - The 3rd Book of Occult Philosophy.pdf
Others\History - Presocratic Philosophy - A Very Short Introduction - (Catherine Osborne) Oxford University Press 2004.pdf
Others\Humphrey, Ted B - The Historical And Conceptual Relations Between Kant's Metaphysics Of Space And Philosophy Of Geometry.pdf
Others\JSTOR Chomsky, Noam - Philosophers And Public Philosophy.pdf
Others\Jstor Luckhardt - Paradigms In Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy.pdf
Others\logic, philosophy - husserl, with and against frege (franois rivenc).pdf
Others\North Holland - From Peirce to Skolem (Studies in the History and Philosophy of Mathematics) [2000].pdf
Others\Oup, Oxford Textbook Of Philosophy And Psychiatry (2006), 1Ed [0198526954].chm
Others\Oxford University Press - Gregersen N.H. (ed) - From Complexity to Life; On the Emergence of Life and Meaning (2003).pdf
Others\Philosophy - Kierkegaard - The Seducers Diary.pdf
Others\Philosophy - Learning from Six Philosophers, Volume 2 (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Berkeley, and Hume) - Jonathan Bennett 2003.pdf
Others\Philosophy - The Situated Self - (J T Ismael) Oxford University Press 2007.pdf
Others\Philosophy After Wittgenstein And Heidegger.pdf
Others\Philosophy and Design - From Engineering to Architecture - P. Vermaas, et al., (Springer, 2008) WW.pdf
Others\Presocratic Philosophy- A Very Short Introduction.pdf
Others\Proudhon - 1846 - The Philosophy of Misery.pdf
Others\Rawls, John - Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy [2000][Eng].pdf
Others\Routledge History of Philosophy, Volume 10 - Philosophy of Meaning, Knowledge and Value in the Twentieth Century.pdf
Others\Routledge Philosophy Guidebook To Derrida on Deconstruction BOOK.pdf
Others\Routledge, James Robert Brown - Philosophy of Mathematics - An Introduction to a World of Proofs and Pictures (1999).pdf
Others\Routledge_Philosophy_Guidebook to later Heidegger.pdf
Others\Rudolf Steiner - The Philosophy of Freedom.pdf
Others\Self and Subjectivity (Blackwell Readings in Continental Philosophy).pdf
Others\Sharples, Bob - Aristotle And Hellenistic Philosophy (D).pdf
Others\Smith, A. D. - Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Husserl and the Cartesian Meditations.pdf
Others\Spiritual ebook NonDual - Leo Hartong - Awakening to the Dream.pdf
Others\Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.pdf
Others\The Cambridge Companion To Husserl (Cambridge Companions To Philosophy).pdf
Others\The Cambridge Companion to Stoics (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy).pdf
Others\The Philosophy of Economics - An Anthology.pdf
Others\The Philosophy of History (Philosophical Classics).Dover Publications.2004.pdf
Others\The Philosophy of John Duns Scotus - Edinburgh University Press.pdf
Others\The Philosophy of the Present - George Herbert Mead.pdf
Others\The Teaching Company Great Ideas Of Philosophy - From Homer to Aristiotle BOOK.pdf
Others\Theses On The Philosophy of History - Walter Benjamin.pdf
Others\Thomas Nickles (ed) - Thomas Kuhn. Contemporary Philosophy in Focus (Cambridge, 2003).pdf
Others\Tool and Object - A History and Philosophy of Category Theory - 2007.pdf
Others\Vedanta Philosophy.pdf
Others\VooDoo Black Magic - ReUnite Lovers - Stop Divorce - Fix a Relationship - Spell Consultation.pdf
Others\William Ralph Inge, The Philosophy of Plotinus.pdf
Others\Williams, Bernard - Ethics and the limits of philosophy.pdf
Others\Yoga Lessons 2004 Master Philosophy Meditation Wisdom Self Help.pdf
Others\[2005] Taylor, R (ed) - The Cambridge companion to arabic philosophy.pdf
Others\[2007] Hull, D & Ruse, M (Eds) - The Cambridge Companion To The Philosophy Of Biology.pdf
Others\[b] Mulhall S. Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Heidegger and Being and Time (Routledge,1996)(S)(L)(108s).pdf
Others\[Philosophy] - Michel Foucault - Madness and Civilization - History of Insanity.pdf
Philosophy of language\(e-Book) Noam Chomsky - Philosophy Of Cognitive Science - Chomsky Linguistics.pdf
Philosophy of language\Bankov, Kristian - Intellectual Effort and Linguistic Work--Semiotic and Hermeneutic Aspects of the Philosophy of Bergson.pdf
Philosophy of language\Blackwell A Companion to the Philosophy of Language,732 Pages.pdf
Philosophy of language\Dictionary -A Companion To The Philosophy Of Language (Blackwell, 1997).pdf
Philosophy of language\JSTOR Burge, T. - Philosophy of Language and Mind; 1950-1990.pdf
Philosophy of language\Philosophy of Language - Searle - How to derive ought from is (1963).pdf
Philosophy of language\Springer, Signs Of Logic Peircean Themes On The Philosophy Of Language, Games, And Communication - Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen (2006)(516S).pdf
Philosophy of language\[Philosophy of Language] - Searle, John R - Expression and Meaning.pdf
Philosophy of mind\(ebook) David Chalmers - The Conscious Mind (psychology.neurology.neuroscience.philosophy).pdf
Philosophy of mind\(Ebook)(Mit Press)(Philosophy) Knowledge And Mind - Brook & Stainton Mind And Body The Metaphysics Of Mind.pdf
Philosophy of mind\(Ebook)(Mit Press)(Philosophy) Knowledge And Mind - Brook & Stainton Mind And Body What Should We Believe.pdf
Philosophy of mind\(Ttc) Philosophy - Tools Of Thinking.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Anscombe, G E M - Metaphysics And The Philosophy Of Mind.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Bertrand Russell - The Philosophy of Logical Analysis.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Consciousness - From Perception To Reflection In The History Of Philosophy (Studies In The History Of Philosophy Of Mind).pdf
Philosophy of mind\H. Wang - Beyond Analytic Philosophy. Doing Justice to what we know. Index.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Introduction To Philosophy, Knowledge, And Mind.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Mill's System of Logic-philosophy.pdf
Philosophy of mind\MIT.Press.A.Logical.Journey.From.Godel.To.Philosophy.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Oxford - Mindware, an Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Philosophy and Intelligence of Emotions.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Philosophy Of Mind - Putnam - What Is Innate And Why - Comments On The Debate.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Routledge_Philosophy_Guidebook_to_The_Critique_of_Pure_Reason_-_Sebastion_Gardner.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Shusterman Richard - Body consciousness - A Philosophy of Mindfulness and Somaesthetics (2008).pdf
Philosophy of mind\Steven Pinker - How The Mind Works (1998).pdf
Philosophy of mind\Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Logic.pdf
Philosophy of mind\Zahavi & Gallagher - Phenomenological Mind-An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science (2008).pdf
Philosophy of mind\Zen - Quiet Mind Fearless Heart - The Taoist Path Through Stress and Spirituality.pdf
Philosophy of mind\[2001] Gupta, J. - Hegel's critique of the concept of consciousness Its relevance to contemporary epistemology and philosophy of mind.PDF
Philosophy of mind\[Philosophy of Mind] - John Perry - Knowledge, Possibility and Consciousness.pdf
Political philosophy\Contemporary Political Philosophy- An Anthology (Blackwell,1997)(S)(645S).pdf
Political philosophy\eBook - The Republic - Plato - rationalist philosophy.pdf
Political philosophy\Hegel, Nietzsche & Philosophy. Thinking Freedom [CUP 330 p].pdf
Political philosophy\Imperium - Philosophy of History and Politics - Francis Parker Yockey (politically incorrect ideas for western cultural renaissance).pdf
Political philosophy\Karl Marx - Poverty of Philosophy.pdf
Political philosophy\Philosophy - John Rawls - Law of peoples.pdf
Political philosophy\Philosophy - John Stuart Mill - Principles Of Political Economy (1848).pdf
Political philosophy\Philosophy Theory and Science of Politics Political Theory.pdf
Political philosophy\Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Mill on Utilitarianism.pdf
Political philosophy\Strauss, Leo - What is political philosophy The Journal of Politics.pdf
Political philosophy\The Cambridge Companion to Kant - 11 - Politics, freedom, and order - Kant's political philosophy.pdf
Political philosophy\Tuck, R. 1993 Philosophy and Government 1572-1651.pdf
Postmodern era\JSTOR Scientific Realism and Postmodern Philosophy.pdf
Postmodern era\Philosophy - Postmodernism for beginners.pdf
Postmodern era\Philosophy And The Matrix.pdf
Postmodern era\The Simpsons And Philosophy.pdf
Religion philoshopy\A Confusion of the Spheres - Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein on Philosophy and Religion.pdf
Religion philoshopy\companion hegel 10 - Hegel On Religion And Philosophy.pdf
Religion philoshopy\F. M. Cornford, From religion to philosophy A Study of the Origins of Western Speculation.pdf
Religion philoshopy\Goldman, Emma - The Philosophy of Atheism.pdf
Religion philoshopy\Keith E. Yandell - Philosophy of Religion. A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge, 1999).pdf
Religion philoshopy\Religion - The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Religion - (William J. Wainwright) Oxford University Press 2005.pdf
Religion philoshopy\Religion Of The Samurai (Study Of Zen Philosophy And Discipline In China And Japan) - Kaiten Nukariya.pdf
Religion philoshopy\Tao Te Ching, Lao-Tzu (Translated by James Legge) [ebook taoism daoism eastern religion philosophy].pdf
Religion philoshopy\The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Religion (Blackwell Philosophy Guides).pdf
Religion philoshopy\The Heart of Islamic Philosophy.pdf
Religion philoshopy\Wainwright W.J.(ed) The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Religion (OUP,2007)(T)(451s).pdf
Science philoshopy\(ebook) Philosophy Rhetoric & The End of Knowledge- A New Beginning for Science & Technology Studies (2004).pdf
Science philoshopy\(TTC) Jeffrey L. Kasser, Philosophy of Science.PDF
Science philoshopy\Barret & Stanford.Prediction.The Philosophy Of Science.An Encyclopedia.pdf
Science philoshopy\Barrett & Stanford - Prediction.In Pfeifer & Sarkar,The Philosophy Of Science.An Encyclopedia.pdf
Science philoshopy\Blackwell - A companion to the philosophy of science (2001).pdf
Science philoshopy\Boyd, R & Gasper, P & Trout, J D (ed) - The Philosophy of Science - 1991 - 777s.pdf
Science philoshopy\boyd,gasper,trout - the philosophy of science.pdf
Science philoshopy\Companion Hume 3 - Hume And The Philosophy Of Science.pdf
Science philoshopy\Elsevier - Philosophy And History Of Science.pdf
Science philoshopy\Esoteric - The Pendulum - Scientific, Historical, Philosophical And Educational Perspectives.pdf
Science philoshopy\Gillies - Philosophy of Science (Blackwell, 1993).pdf
Science philoshopy\Haffer 2007 (Springer) - Ornithology, Evolution and Philosophy; The Life and Science of Ernst Mayr 1904-2005.pdf
Science philoshopy\Heisenberg - Physics And Philosophy The Revolution In Modern Science.pdf
Science philoshopy\Hintikka, Jaakko - The Philosophy of Mathematics.pdf
Science philoshopy\Jstor Wittgenstein, L - Symbolism In Science And Philosophy.pdf
Science philoshopy\Mario Bunge - Philosophy behind pseudoscience. 2006.pdf
Science philoshopy\mit press - mind design ii - philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence - 1997.pdf
Science philoshopy\Nagel, E Suppes, P & Tarski, A (Ed) - Logic, Methodology And Philosophy Of Science.pdf
Science philoshopy\Philosophy of Science - A very short introduction.pdf
Science philoshopy\Philosophy of Science and Science of Philosophy.pdf
Science philoshopy\Problem of Time in Science and Philosophy.pdf
Science philoshopy\Routledge History of Philosophy, Volume 9 - Philosophy of Science, Logic and Mathematics in the Twentieth Century.pdf
Science philoshopy\The Architecture Of Modern Mathematics - Essays In History And Philosophy - J Ferreiros, J Gray (Oxford, 2006) Ww.pdf
Science philoshopy\The Essential Turing - Seminal Writings in Computing, Logic, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life (Oxford).pdf
Science philoshopy\The Oxford Handbook Of Philosophy Of Mathematics And Logic - Stewart Shapiro (684P) (Bb).pdf
Science philoshopy\Vernon, Mark (2007) - Science, Religion, and the Meaning of Life (Palgrave Macmillan).pdf
Science philoshopy\Werner Heisenberg - Physics and philosophy.pdf
Science philoshopy\[Philosophy History] Bertrand Russel And The Origins Of Analytical Philosophy - Ray Monk.pdf
Social philoshopy\Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of the Social Sciences.pdf
Social philoshopy\Chomsky, Noam - Philosophers and Public Philosophy.pdf
Social philoshopy\Daniel Little - Philosophy of social science The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy.pdf
Social philoshopy\Darwinism In Philosophy, Social Science And Public Policy.pdf
Social philoshopy\Groff_Revitalizing Causality-Realism about Causality in Philosophy and Social Science_0415372186.pdf
Social philoshopy\Kukla, A Social Constructivism & The Philosophy Of Science 2000 Routledge).pdf
Social philoshopy\Routledge, Social Constructivism And The Philosophy Of Science (2000) Een (0415234190) Lotb.pdf
Social philoshopy\[Social Philosophy] - Jameson, Fredric - The End of Temporality.pdf
Western Philosophy\(2006) An Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophy (ISBN 1405141808).pdf
Western Philosophy\Russell, Bertrand - A History Of Western Philosophy - Excellent !!!.pdf

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